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The most important page in the site for you: The Library of Koi Nutrition

Do you know how to assess a food label? Nine different assessments of a koi food label and what’s in good Koi foods!

Do you know what foods are the best, the worst and “just so-so”? All the foods are discussed in detail.

Do you know where to get them? Shop the foods by category of quality and price.

What is special about Koifoods.com:  I’ve curated the most common Koi foods on the market, rating them from A, B, and C but also a category “I wouldn’t feed this diet to my Koi” which isn’t to disparage a food, but just the truth. A personal opinion. And sometimes that’s based on price, or quality, or both.

When you make a purchase with Koifoods.com you’re transacting with Amazon.com and Koifoods.com is remunerated a few pennies for the trouble of curating and assessing the different foods honestly and without professional bias.

Please notice the price of a food and the amount of the food. Sometimes you see a $15 food but look closely, it might only be a 1 pound bag. Other times, look at the much larger bags and note the low price when you divide through to get price per pound.

Want it Simpler? Just want to go directly to the different qualities?

Here are the A rated foods

Here are the B rated foods

Here are the C rated foods (They’re recommended mainly on price in this category)

Here are the foods I wouldn’t feed my Koi.

What Would I Recommend?

An even simpler answer to the “What to Feed” question…

From the A-Rated Diets: Based on Quality and Formulation: Aquascape Premium Color Enhancing 11 pound (Gets it down to about $5 a pound.)

Of the B-Rated Diets: Based on Price and Quality:   5 Pound Blue Ridge Growth Mini Pellet

From the C-Rated Diets:  Based on Price and Quality:  Tetra Growth