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What is BETAINE?

What is BETAINE?
“Betaine” is a quarternary ammonium compound that was first discovered in the juice of sugar beets (Beta vulgaris)
Betaine aids digestion and helps protect against fatty infiltration of the liver. The osmoprotective effect of betaine has been found to protect fish from the physiological stress induced by the transfer from fresh water to salt water, which Koi will encounter when ponds and quarantine systems are medicated with salt.

What are Spirulina and Canthaxanthin / Asthaxanthin?
Spirulina, a primordial algae rich in carotenoids has been around more than 3 billion years, and is known as one of the world’s best natural color enhancers.
Astaxanthin is an optimal carotenoid for the proper pigmentation of the red/pink colours in fish.